We are absolutely delighted to have won  

A Vision of the Future: Heath Park design competition hosted by RIBA on behalf of SOG!


We set up in Winter 2018. Winning the RIBA Re-Imagining the Garden City competition in Letchworth was our debut project.


To create and co-ordinate designs and implementation strategies, at all scales from masterplan to details of buildings and outdoor spaces, that support the health and well-being of their current users whilst maintaining the capacity of ecosystem services to support future generations.

EcoResponsive Environments

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We are an innovative urban design and architectural practice based in London committed to developing and promoting a systemic approach to design; in particular through developing a common language for co-ordinating the ideas of client and stakeholders, diverse professional disciplines, and for involving local knowledge in design.

Joined up thinking

What makes us different?


We test boundaries whilst being deeply pragmatic.

We listen.

We use a systemic design approach to maximise value for all stakeholders.

We empower design for life.

We question, research and critically assess to innovate.

We combine practical know-how with theoretical intellect.

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Meet the team

We are an emerging design practice with foundations that rests on a breadth of industry experience and knowledge.  Our collective experience lies at the intersection of master-planning, urban design, architecture and social sciences. We seek out organisations that are committed to driving meaningful change for a better collective future. 

“Every project is unique and requires a bespoke vision. We embrace the challenges of each brief and seek design solutions that turn constraints into opportunities”.

“Place-making and architecture is about designing for life - messy, complex and connected realities. We approach design with a sense of excitement of what is possible”.

“Appropriate solutions are those that deliver quality whilst being site specific; and make best use of scarce resources, informed by the brief, and the financial realities of the project”.


Ka Lok Man

Director, Co-founder

Ka Lok is an architect and has been practising architecture for over 24 years. He believes in design diversity and has a wide range of project experiences; these include social housing, high-end residential, commercial fit-outs, sports buildings, hospital regeneration, mixed-used regeneration projects.


Prachi Rampuria

Director, Co-founder

Prachi is an architectural designer and urbanist. She embraces an evidence-based people-centric approach to design. She has led multi-disciplinary design teams for masterplanning, regeneration and public realm design projects within diverse cultural contexts such as the UK, Cuba, Middle-East, and India. She is also an Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University.


Soham De

Director, Co-founder

Soham is an architectural and urban designer, and a visual artist. He applies an integrated complex systems approach to design across scales and within varied cultural contexts. His interests lie in the intersection between urban design, landscape design, environmental planning, architecture and art. He is also an Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University.

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