Grange-In-The-Hedges is a 900 home expansion scheme on a 45 ha for the world’s first garden city - Letchworth. The project at Letchworth sits between the picturesque countryside and the existing Grange Estate; one of the most deprived areas in Letchworth. 

The Garden City Movement’s long-lasting success stems from the pioneer designers’ embrace of complexity; weaving together the systems of natural landscape, public space, plots and buildings in symbiotic ways across multiple scales of space and time; whilst reinvesting, for community benefit, the land-value increases that development creates. Grange-In-The-Hedges learns from the pioneers and re-imagines this multi-layered approach to evolve a renewed Garden City fabric for 21stcentury living.


10 Reimagining principles

Principle 1

Re-imagine green system as accessible links to the countryside, maximising ecosystem services. 

Principle 2

Re-imagine water system as local loops of treatment and recycling to minimise waste and external dependency. 

Principle 3

Re-imagine street system as a highly connected, landscape-integrated network for walking, cycling and play, with less local connectivity for cars

Principle 4

Re-imagine block system that enables value capture to integrate learning / social infrastructure

Principle 5

Re-imagine building system as a series of flexible spaces which each generation can update

Principle 6

Re-imagine a new cooperative economy using integrated resource efficient infrastructure and information systems